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There is a volcano in the Oasis

Oasis in the desert is amazing, but if in the midst of a remarkable new crater. Its location is in the middle Waw Al Kabir and Al Kufrah. Wide green area is approximately 4 km to 10-20 km desert dust surrounded by a black former eruption that happened hundreds of years ago.

Inside the crater, there are 3 saltwater lake surrounded by green trees. It's beautiful to the eye. Name Waw an Namus means Oasis Mosquito yourself, because a lot of mosquitoes near the lake.

Oasis is becoming known world after told by Karl Moritz von Beurmann (1862) and Gerard Rohlfs (1881). After that, more and more people who happened to be passing, or deliberately come to it. If the political situation in Libya is back to normal, certainly a lot of tourists who come to this oasis.

Besides just been using a camel, or a motor vehicle, there are also tourists who spend the night there. If you want to stay overnight, you have to bring mosquito repellent and bed clothes were closed because there once known as the kingdom of mosquitoes.

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